Closing Reception for “Between Two Seas/LA International”

Lynn Aldrich (USA) Krista Augius (Lithuania) Luigi Billi (Italy) Janine Brown (USA) Roberto Donatelli (Italy) David Eddington (England) Scherezade Garcia (Domenican Republic) Jerome Glomaud Chadefaux (France) John Goetz (Switzerland) Yossi Govrin (Israel) Kio Griffin (Japan/USA) Rachel Grynberg (USA) Uemon Ikeda (Japan) Deborah Lynn Irmas (USA) Jay Mark Johnson (USA) Veda B.Kaya (Turkey) Jeremy Kidd (England) David Koenig (Germany) Luigia Martelloni (Italy) Andy Moses (USA) Jackie Nach (South Africa) Miguel Osuna (Mexico) Claudia Parducci (USA) Claudia Concha Perea (Colombia) Mei Xian Qiu (China/Indonesia) Osceola Refetoff (Canada) Tanja Rector (Holland) Doni Silver Simons (USA) Alberto Vannetti (Italy) Alexo Wandael (South Tyrol) Tana Welz (Germany) Wim Wenders (Germany)

This is the second part of a program that promotes visual dialogue through a series of international exhibition. The first iteration of this exhibition was mounted at the Museo Area Archeologica Arte Contemporanea in Cisternino, Puglia Italy, from July 7 to September 1 this past summer.

Between Two Seas/ LA International, focuses on how the work of 32 artists from different cultures and experiences, interprets and processes physical, emotional and organic matter, giving shape to an heterogenous creative reality of co-existence . A selection of artists from more than 15 countries presented their work at the Arena 1 Gallery. The exhibition creates a connection of cultures through artistic projects. The awareness that all of us, wherever we are, at one time or another, find ourselves suspended between two spaces…Right now we are witness to a significant international refugee migrations. The stories of these displaced humans deserves respect, dignity and attention. We are all immigrants or emigrants in some way, and in the world in which we live now, this condition represents a great opportunity-to see the world as one, to co-exist with the differences against prejudices. Art is an instrument of beauty, freedom, interconnection and integration, independent of ethnicities and religions. The artist becomes a -bridge between two seas- that spans not only a physical place, but also an infinite horizon of desire to reach other grounds.

-Luigia Martelloni

Since 2003 Santa Monica Art Studios has been the largest single arts community in this area. Inside the walls of this historic hangar we have produced more than 100 exhibitions in Arena1 Gallery featuring artists from across the United States and around the world. Under this roof our community has come together to support arts programs for scores of non-profit
organizations and to share professionally mounted exhibitions by aspiring artists from elementary to university and graduate level programs. This is where countless classes, lectures, performances and programs have taken place and where artists have been able to create in quiet, clean and private studios.

We are very proud of all our accomplishments. We wish our very best to every artist who has worked here, exhibited here or been inspired by what they have seen here and to every artist who will in the future.

Yossi Govrin and Sherry Frumkin

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